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Purchases & Sales Issues Attorney in Santa Ana, California

According to statistics from the California Association of Realtors, existing, single-family home sales totaled 509,750 in December 2020 across the state. There are several processes involved in purchasing or selling real estate property. You may need to negotiate the terms of sale, carry out due diligence, draft and review contract agreements, and settle property tax-related issues. A knowledgeable California real estate law attorney can guide you through the entire process from start to finish and give you the peace of mind you need.

At Martinez Law Office, I'm dedicated to providing outstanding legal services and comprehensive guidance in legal matters involving real estate. As your legal counsel, I can review your situation and explore your legal options. Whether you are selling or purchasing a residential or commercial property, I can offer you experienced legal guidance and strong advocacy to navigate critical decisions. I can also help interpret any unclear terms, resolve disputes involving titles, and ensure that the whole transaction is as smooth as possible.

I proudly serve clients across Southern California, including Santa Ana, Orange, Los Angeles, and San Diego Counties.

Why Hire an Attorney
for Purchases and Sales?

Working with a lawyer when purchasing or selling a real estate property has several benefits. An attorney can help you by:

  • Reviewing and handling any complex paperwork on your behalf

  • Helping you understand the law and applicable practices for your area

  • Interpreting vague or unclear terms and settling last-minute disputes

  • Ensuring that contract terms are properly worded, clear, and precise to avoid ambiguity and potential issues

  • Addressing various legal issues that agents may not be able to handle, such as property uses, illegal home additions, and more

  • Helping complete the real estate transaction while representing your best interests



What Can an Attorney Help With?

An attorney will be able to help you with the following processes involved in any real estate traction:

Drafting & Reviewing Agreements

A real estate attorney can help with drafting and reviewing the purchase agreement or sale contract. The lawyer will help both the homebuyer and seller understand the agreement's content and ensure that the contract terms are in your best interest. If required, the real estate attorney can make proper adjustments to reflect your desires.


A disclosure is a legal document that contains details about the property's current condition. It is often given to the homebuyer by the seller at the time of purchase. A real estate attorney can help make certain that the home is in the exact condition stated in the disclosure. This can protect you from liability as a result of hidden defects not discovered during the home inspection nor disclosed by the seller.

Closing Procedures

Closing procedures are a crucial step in every real estate transaction. A real estate lawyer can help prepare the deed and closing statement. The lawyer can also explain the closing costs and help negotiate with the seller. Upon signing the deed and closing statement, the attorney will help make sure that all necessary documents are drafted and executed correctly.

Common Purchase & Sale Issues

Real estate transactions are often complex and present several legal issues and potential hazards. Some common purchase and sale issues include:

  • Contract disputes

  • False advertising

  • Failure to disclose

  • Purchase agreement issues

  • Deposit issues

  • Easement issues

  • Concealing material defects

  • Environmental and zoning issues

Hiring an experienced attorney can help prevent any of these problems from happening in the first place or deal with them effectively when they do arise. Your lawyer will conduct due diligence and act in your best interests.

Work with an Experienced Attorney

Purchasing or selling a property is one of the most important transactions any individual can make in their life. Real estate transactions often involve a variety of laws and regulations that are specific to particular areas. Fortunately, an experienced California real estate law attorney can offer you the proper guidance you need and help prepare and review documents and agreements relating to the transaction.

At Martinez Law Office, I have devoted my career to providing experienced legal guidance and reliable advocacy to individuals in a variety of legal matters. As your legal counsel, I can evaluate your unique situation and help you understand your possible options. I can also help draft and review purchase agreements, sale contracts, and other legal documents, as well as negotiate purchase and sale terms and settle property tax issues. Using my extensive experience, I will work meticulously to address your needs and concerns, protect your rights during the closing, and ensure that the transaction is successful, legal, and seamless.


If you are in the market to purchase or sell a real estate property, call my firm — Martinez Law Office, Inc. — today to schedule a consultation. I can offer the legal counsel and advocacy you need to make important decisions. I'm proud to serve clients throughout Southern California, including Santa Ana County, Orange County, Los Angeles County, and San Diego County.