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Who Pays for a Partition Action?

Martinez Law Office, Inc  May 28, 2024

Partition actions involve the division of property co-owned by multiple parties, which can sometimes mean a complex and emotionally-charged situation. These actions are typically necessary when co-owners cannot agree on the use or sale of the property. Knowing who pays for a partition action is critical for anyone involved in such a dispute. 

As a partition action attorney, I understand the nuances of partition actions and can provide the expertise necessary to ensure your interests are protected. If you believe a partition action may be necessary, don’t hesitate to reach out to my firm, Martinez Law Office, Inc., for representation. I can answer all your questions and concerns, including who is responsible for paying for the partition action.  

I proudly serve clients throughout Southern California, including Santa Ana, Orange County, Los Angeles County, and San Diego County.  

What Is a Partition Action in California?

A partition action in California is a legal process used to resolve disputes among co-owners of real property when they cannot agree on the property's use or disposition. Under the California Code of Civil Procedure, a co-owner, also known as a covenant, has an absolute right to partition unless they have legally waived it.  

The goal of a partition action is to equitably divide the property or its value among the co-owners. The court may order either a physical division of the property, known as partition in kind, or a sale of the property with proceeds divided among the co-owners, known as partition by sale.  

Given the legalities involved, such as determining each party’s share and managing potentially contentious disputes, it's essential to seek legal assistance from an experienced real estate attorney to manage the process effectively and protect your rights. 

Division of Costs in Partition Actions

One of the most common questions regarding partition actions is: Who pays for it? The costs associated with a partition action can vary but typically include court fees, attorney fees, and costs related to the appraisal and sale of the property. Here's a breakdown of how these costs are typically handled: 

Court Fees 

Court fees for filing a partition action are usually borne by the party initiating the action. However, these fees may be reimbursed if the court orders that the costs be divided among all co-owners based on their respective ownership interests. 

Attorney Fees 

Attorney fees can be significant in partition actions, given the complexity of these cases. Generally, each party is responsible for their own legal fees. However, the court may order that attorney fees be shared among co-owners if it deems it fair and equitable. 

Appraisal and Sale Costs 

The costs associated with appraising and selling the property, including real estate agent commissions and marketing expenses, are typically deducted from the sale proceeds. These costs are then divided among the co-owners in proportion to their ownership interests. 

Factors Influencing Cost Allocation

Several factors can influence the allocation of costs in a partition action, including: 

Ownership Interests 

The court may allocate costs based on the ownership interests of each co-owner. For instance, if one party owns 60% of the property, they may be responsible for 60% of the costs. 

Conduct of the Parties 

The court may consider the conduct of the parties when determining cost allocation. If one party has been unreasonable or obstructive, the court may order them to bear a larger share of the costs. 

Settlement Attempts 

Efforts to settle the dispute prior to initiating the partition action can also influence cost allocation. Parties who have made genuine attempts to resolve the matter amicably may be viewed more favorably by the court. 

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