See What Others Have to Say:

“Ralph Martinez is our litigation referral of choice. Ralph's breadth of experience, litigation acumen and real-world practicality have always provided significant value for the clients we refer to him."

Matthew Yates, Managing Partner, Yates & Yates (Orange County, CA)

“Ralph Martinez was aware of and dedicated to not just ensuring we ‘won the battle, but in strategizing to win the whole war’ and its importance on every aspect of our ongoing business. The issues were well thought through, the delivery was bullet-like and the results were stunning. It is clear Ralph Martinez is not merely a skilled, accomplished and highly successful attorney, but a fully capable business consultant and advisor.”

Roger Howland, President, the Job Dr., Inc. (Laguna Niguel, CA)

“Ralph G. Martinez successfully defended my company and its employees in a law suit that spanned nearly 18 months. Mr. Martinez was competent regarding the law, creative in his defense posture and kept me informed during the litigation process. Mr. Martinez’ personal attention to client relations also gives you a warm and fuzzy feeling that is rare in today’s business environment. I would highly recommend Ralph Martinez to anyone seeking legal representation for their business.”

Richard E. Jackson, CEO, Pacific Hills Treatment Centers, Inc.

“Ralph Martinez has been a tremendous help over the years to me and my businesses. He has a knack for identifying potential problems and diffusing them before they arise. I can recommend any of my clients to Ralph Martinez with confidence.”

Arthur Cooper, Cooper Financial Services, Inc. (Irvine, CA)

“As a client of Martinez Law Office, Inc., I found Mr. Ralph Martinez to be honest, straightforward, ethical and highly professional. He has foresight when dealing with an issue or a particular legal matter by taking into consideration the short-term as well as the long-term concerns and implications of the case. His main goal was always to defend and protect his client in an ethical and thorough manner.”

Mohammed Abo-Abeish, Systems Auditor/Professor (Irvine, CA)

“I have had the opportunity to litigate both with and against Mr. Ralph Martinez on several occasions. The words I would use to describe his style and practice are ‘indefatigable’, ‘articulate’, ‘intelligent’, ‘velvet glove over a steel fist’, ‘diligent’, ‘careful’, ‘considerate’, and above all ‘professional’. He is able to obtain the respect of opposing counsel while he is thoroughly dismantling their case. Mr. Martinez is and has been a lawyer whom I would choose to represent myself and members of my family; coming from a trial attorney such as myself, there is no higher praise.”

Mark Sayre, Partner, Mansfield & Foley (Los Angeles, CA)

“When I hired Ralph Martinez it was less than 30 days to the trial and the judge refused to move the trial date. Mr. Ralph Martinez was always upfront and honest and never promised me anything he couldn’t do in the short time frame. He kept me informed of everything he was doing on the case and even arranged to have my main witness testify via a live satellite transmission from a remote location. Needless to say, Mr. Martinez did excellent work representing me and we won the case. I highly recommend Mr. Martinez for his outstanding legal services and compassionate legal counsel.”

Ms. Sandra Sue Bright (Chino Hills, CA)