When a Courtroom Isn’t the Answer

When a Courtroom Isn’t the Answer

Turn to the Martinez Law Office for mediation in Laguna Hills, CA

There are some legal problems that can be solved outside of a courtroom. If you’re searching for an attorney to help you find a creative solution to a legal issue, look no further than the Martinez Law Office, Inc.

Attorney Ralph G. Martinez knows the court system. His expert litigation acumen is sought throughout Southern California and beyond. He was a founding member of the Christian Conciliation Service of San Diego, where he helped resolve disputes between people of faith.

Attorney Martinez is skilled at mediation between those in the Christian community and beyond. Contact him today to start working toward a satisfactory solution to your legal dispute.

The benefits of mediation

Are you wondering if mediation is the best way to handle your legal issue? Here are a few benefits to consider that may help you make up your mind:

  • The process usually only takes a few days or weeks, as opposed to the months or years of a lawsuit.
  • Mediation is typically less expensive than a lawsuit because it takes less time.
  • Mediation is less adversarial, opening opportunities for creative solutions based on the parties' interests. 
  • Mediation solutions are your solutions, not solutions imposed by a stranger or a group of strangers. 

If mediation sounds like the route for you, get in touch with the Martinez Law Office in Laguna Hills, CA. Attorney Ralph G. Martinez will guide both parties through the process.