About the Martinez Law Office

About the Martinez Law Office

There will be times in your life when you find yourself in serious situations with critical consequences. In those times when you need reliable help, support, and direction, you need experience. For over 36 years, Ralph G. Martinez has been guiding individuals and businesses through legal hazards. He has proven results in contractual and transactional contexts, a track-record of trial success, and a well-respected negotiating presence. His benefits are multi-dimensional; he offers off-the-shelf solutions with customization to help you reach your specific goals.

Mr. Martinez operates his own law firm in Laguna Hills, California. He is also Of Counsel to Alvarado Smith, a full-service law firm with offices in Orange County, Los Angeles and San Francisco. From this platform, Mr. Martinez helps clients state-wide. Mr. Martinez has both plaintiff and defense experience, having served as an associate attorney for the well-known defense law firm of Clifford & Brown (Bakersfield, CA), as well as being a principal of the prestigious plaintiff's trial firm of Hunt, Colaw & Adams (Santa Ana, CA).

Your entrepreneurial success and dreams are worth protecting. Every business is one lawsuit away from bankruptcy. Through his strength as a negotiator, Ralph Martinez helps his clients avoid costly and time-consuming court actions while still delivering favorable results that resolve the problem. If you must litigate, then Mr. Martinez guides you through the system and uses persuasive tactics to find a solution so you can get back to what you enjoy. To his clients, Ralph is the warm and personable face of the law field which can so often feel cold and unwelcoming.

Whether the matter involves the collection of a debt, a boundary dispute, a partnership breakup, a real estate title problem, an unfair business practice of a competitor, a crop damage claim, a failed purchase transaction of real estate or business, or the breaking of a promise that has cost you money, Mr. Martinez is a problem-solver. He has a working knowledge of insurance and claims handling by insurance companies and company risk managers. Small to mid-size businesses, oil companies, agricultural cooperative, private lenders, financial institutions, title insurance companies, real estate brokers, construction related enterprises, law firms, accountancy firms, medical companies, web-based companies, branding companies, entrepreneurs, church and parachurch organizations, and individuals have all benefited from the skill, advice and experience of Ralph Martinez.

Set up an appointment today for a better understanding of what Ralph G. Martinez specifically offers you and take a strong, confident step into a more stable future for you and your business.

"I have had the opportunity to litigate both with and against Mr. Ralph Martinez on several occasions. The words I would use to describe his style and practice are 'indefatigable', 'articulate', 'intelligent', 'velvet glove over a steel fist', 'diligent', 'careful', 'considerate', and above all 'professional'. He is able to obtain the respect of opposing counsel while he is thoroughly dismantling their case. Mr. Martinez is and has been a lawyer whom I would choose to represent myself and members of my family; coming from a trial attorney such as myself, there is no higher praise."

-- Mark Sayre, Esq., Partner, Foley & Mansfield, Los Angeles, CA

"Ralph Martinez was aware of and dedicated to not just ensuring we 'won the battle, but in strategizing to win the whole war' and its importance on every aspect of our ongoing business. The issues were well thought through, the delivery was bullet-like and the results were stunning. It is clear Ralph Martinez is not merely a skilled, accomplished and highly successful attorney, but a fully capable business consultant and advisor."

-- Roger Howland, President/CEO, The Job Dr., Inc., Aliso Viejo, CA